Chinese New Year

Let's just reset one more time shall we?
Celebrate a new lunar year with our


We  have beautiful decor and table top items! All you need to do to celebrate is order in some take-out, or better yet, create some family memories by making your woes New Year's Eve fest on FEBRUARY 11th!

Need some ideas?

It's traditional to eat dumplings, sweet rice cakes, longevity noodles, and tangerines are often present as they represent good fortune!
Wish everyone a happy new year in Mandarin by saying...

"Congratulations, may you be prosperous"
"Xin [sing] Nian [nee'an] Kuai [kwai] Le [ler]"

And if you are feeling extra generous you can hand out red envelopes filled with money to loved ones!

We hope you have a brilliant year in 2021!

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