Create a drop dead gorgeous porch this Halloween!

Make the neighbors smile each time they pass your home by creating a magical setting this Halloween with these simple tips! 

Make your entrance the focus; we used our Vintage Halloween Collection to frame the front door making it the main subject. We added fans, banners, and our sewn crepe paper streamers to draw attention to the door. 

Adding some natural elements like used branches, pumpkins and a twig wreath, adds texture and interest to your display. It's an easy and inexpensive way to add a Fall touch! 

Create a pleasing place for the viewer's eye to rest by balancing the visual weight of the fans at the top by mirroring the shape and visual weight of the pumpkins at the bottom. 

Try going monochromatic. Narrowing your color pallet can help give you a strong cohesive look without a lot of thought! 

Not sure you can do it? Gather items you already have on hand and add to them. We already had black rocking chairs on the porch, and an old broom laying around, so creating a porch perfect for a witch to sit and enjoy the view was easy! All we needed to add was a witches hat and some of our cute party fans, and banners

Don't forget to add a special treat to encourage visitors and stay outside socially distanced! We used our Vintage Halloween baking cups, and Halloween cozy cups with apple cider to do the trick.

It doesn’t take much to make your home extra spooktacular and a little extra magic...  So get started! Click here to see all our fun Halloween options! 

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