Introducing Mindful Crafts!

Anyone else frustrated with the increased amount of your children’s screen time, because of less activities due to Covid19? We want to keep them safe, but it’s also hard to keep their minds and hearts active, and find things we can do to bond as a family! We don’t know about you, but we are running out of board games, and books! Craft projects seem like a good idea, but as one parent put it to us, “ It takes me longer to find an idea on Pinterest, gather supplies, and lay them all out, than it does for my child to do the project.” 



After hearing similar thoughts from several of our parent friends, and feeling the same ourselves, we realized we might just have the answer! Enter Mindful Crafts.

We have designed 4 new crafting kits that are season and holiday specific to every month of the year. Each kit comes with step by step simple instructions and everything you need to create a gender neutral craft project, that is so cute you're happy to have it around for the whole season.

The coolest part? Mindful Craft Kit’s are more than just cute coordinated projects, they were designed by a team of specialists to help children improve gross/fine motor skills, follow instructions, increase creativity. So while your child is crafting they will also be learning and growing while having fun! 



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