Decorate Like a Patriotic Pro This Fourth of July!

1. Decorate Your Door:

Get the party started right by adding decorations to your entry. This door is covered with an over hang and it was a sunny day so we felt perfectly fine hanging our paper fans (we just used good old clear tape right on the brick to hold them in place for the day). But our canvas banners can be used indoor or outdoors anytime! We hung it here using a wreath hanger, but you could also use a Command Hook on your door too.



2. Layer Textures to create a more interesting party backdrop. 

Just like in interior design you can step up your party style by layering different types of textures. In our Stars and Stripes Collection we have done all the work for you, smooth paper fans, sparkly glittered banners, canvas cloth signs, and fluffy tissue paper tassels give you an elevated look when layered together! 



 3. Don’t forget your table!

Continue your decor onto the table to create a cohesive look. Add red, white and blue with our table runner, 7 and 9 inch plates, and napkins. We added cherries and blueberries in our baking cups at each place setting for an extra special touch. 




In a rush? One of our favorite quick tricks is to make a store bought dessert feel special by adding our own flair. Here we bought a meringue pie and added strawberries and blueberries. Set next to festive plates and napkins no one will even notice it’s not homemade! 


And that’s it! Just a few simple steps and your family will feel extra festive this fourth of July.

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