Nine Simple Steps to Setting a Beautiful Holiday Table


Setting a beautiful table like you see in a magazine can be intimidating, How do you mix patterns? Colors? Textures? How do you create a pretty layered look? What do you do for a center piece? Follow along with our simple steps to create a lux looking layered tablescape for the 4th!


Add a base layer. We have so many patterned table runner options for the 4th that are the perfect base for your table. We chose this large star pattern in blue. Even though it’s paper it has a pretty added texture to mimic fabric that adds a lot of style to your final look.


Choose a base plate. This is your dinner plate so you want something around 9inches. We love the look of this striped plate and the scallop square plate is a great size for all the food your guests will want! 


Layer a dessert or salad plate on top! You want to look for something extra pretty in a contrasting color and pattern! To mix with the stripe base plate we chose a beautiful red floral


Choose a napkin. You could choose a dinner napkin or a cocktail napkin but for a formal sit down meal we chose a large dinner napkin in a coordinating pattern! We love the added fringe detail! It makes a paper napkin feel extra special. It goes to the left of the plate! 


Add silverware. In our case we liked the extra touch the gold utensils gave to this tablescape. Add the fork on the left and the knife and spoon on the right. 


Add cups! In this case we used a set of pretty paper cups to keep clean up easy! But you can also add formal glassware to elevate your paper items! We went one step farther and added our cute reusable straws! 


Add serving trays or dishes in pretty patterns to add interest to the table! In this case we used 3 of our favorite 4th of July bamboo trays. This is where you can really add a lot of fun patterns and colors to your table! We mixed a plaid, a star, and a tray with a sentiment. 


Add fun snacks or hors d’oeuvres that your guests can enjoy while seated. We always like having berries for the 4th of July! We also added something salty with the popcorn. 


Finally add a center piece! We used red, white, and blue flowers in a low vase so people will still be able to talk across the table! 

That’s it! It’s easy to create an interesting beautifully themed tablescape with a few easy steps and pretty My Mind’s Eye items! Pick them all up for 20% off with the code: NEW4TH


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