Race car birthday party setup with checkered flags and a blue red and yellow balloon arch



🎉 Whether you’re planning your child’s first birthday party, a champion’s summer barbecue, or a Cars movie watch party, here are all the ideas and awesome resources you need to throw the ultimate race car party! We will guide you through the essential steps and ideas for your celebration. Let’s get started on the fast track!

Free race car invitation template

Setting the tone with a cute, eye-catching invitation is key! We recommend matching your invitation to the design of your party decorations. To do this, we suggest incorporating the same graphics or images of cars/ patterns from your plates, napkins, and banners. This maintains an overall color scheme, an excellent way to mimic the feeling of being there... of participating on a racing team and individual color to enhance the overall theme and atmosphere!

Customize your Free race car template

Here you can access our customizable party invitation for your race car themed celebration. Simply input your information or change the message in any part of the invite. You can personalize the invitation with you or your child’s name, party date, and location to make it uniquely yours. Then you can export this invitation to print and mail, send via email, or take a whizzing racecar to hand deliver to your guests! Adding a personal touch to your invitations sets the stage for a memorable event and gets everyone excited to join the race.

race car birthday decoration ideas

What better way to throw a race car themed party than with beautiful on-theme decorations! There are many affordable, easy additions you can apply to your party decorations and display to set the perfect exhilarating theme. Here are some creative ideas and essential tips to ensure your decor is a hit!

First, we followed this easy, affordable tutorial to create our colorful balloon arch! This arch mimics the starting line entryway of a real racetrack, and we think it’s completely adorable to use for entryways or photoshoots. The entire scene of the party can be decorated to mimic a real racing event. Incorporate the following design essentials to create a sporty and energetic atmosphere!

race car decorations & aesthetics

Keep in mind the following aesthetic styles to highlight when selecting your decorations:

  • Checkered patterns
  • Racing stripes
  • Black, white, bright red and blue colors
  • Metallic accents
  • Retro banners
  • And of course… CARS! Cars everywhere!
Racecar Happy Birthday banner with checkered flags


Our Racecar Happy Birthday Banner

This neutral & versatile option blends in beautifully with nearly any racecar party color scheme or decoration design.

Fun Racecar Party Food & Drink

No racecar party is complete without fuel. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the ultimate eats, treats, and menu items for your event! Notice that every tasty snack can be decorated or even labeled with fun driving terms to ensure each guest feels the fluid racecar vibes!

  • Motor oil paper cups for “fuel station” beverages
  • Checkered flag sandwiches cut into triangles
  • “Pit stop poultry” fried chicken
  • “Raceway dogs” hot dogs
  • “Winner’s corn” popcorn in Golden Trophy Paper Treat Cup
  • “Spare tire” donuts
  • Cakes decorated with stripes and numbers
  • Little frosted car cookies
Cute photo of Miles grabbing and eating his cake race car cake
Race car-themed party food including motor oil cups and checkered sandwiches
Race car-themed table setup with speedometer plates and raceway placemats

Treats and Eats

The Cutest Racecar Tabletop

No matter the refreshment you decide to serve, we found the combination of our speedometer paper plates on top of the raceway placemats to be a nearly perfect display. It may be the cutest and coolest showcase of all the delectable food and fuel available anywhere, and we like to think it will be super-memorable for your guests!

Racecar Party Favors and Activities

Your cute table display can be used for entertainment and activities even beyond the main munching -- how about some arts and crafts?! Incorporating these into your race car themed party not only keeps the kids entertained but also provides them with fun souvenirs to take home. You can use the plates for pouring paints and glue-ons in a DIY “design your dream” car station using small wooden cars. Even a simple blank canvas can be used for each guest to design their dream sports vehicle, racing outfit, or personal banner!

Attractive girl holding the trophy cup party favor that can be filled with racecar themed  treats
Adorable scattered Racecar Paper Plate with cute little decorated cookies on top
Racecar Arts and Crafts

Cookie decorating, cardboard car creation, and DIY “driving licenses” are some more creative ideas for crafts at the best race car party. Don’t forget to use the checkered table runner under all of the crafting to  leave no mess behind! You may even like to turn on a movie like Cars or Ford vs. Ferrari in the background OR foreground to invite stories, sounds, and delights of a real race! 

Race Car Themed Photobooth

Time to create and capture the exciting memories! A photobooth is a great way to utilize the balloon arch from earlier, giving your guests memorable souvenirs in the form of digital photos or even physical copies if you use a Polaroid-type camera. You can provide props such as racing helmets, checkered flags, and steering wheels for victorious photo opportunities.

A photo booth set up featuring all of the race car decorations and a cute picture of a baby in the middle
Two women holding their race car decorated cakes in front of the photo booth setup

With these thrilling race car-themed decorations and activities, your party is sure to be an unforgettable event filled with excitement and joy. From the eye-catching invitations and vibrant balloon arches to the interactive photo booth and creative arts and crafts, every detail will contribute to a fun and dynamic atmosphere. We hope you have enjoyed these stylistic choices to create the cutest immersive experience for your loved ones. Get ready to rev up the fun! Ready… set… go!